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  1. OK, thanks for the heads up, this is NOD32's problem then
  2. Hi all, I do not really know if it is either a bug of NOD32 or a bug of ImgBurn, but would like to report it anyway, because the rising of CPU usage, can sometimes occur because of security bugs, and potentionally lead to DoS attacks. Every time ImgBurn finishes downloading from a website (to update), or whenever I run the installation of ImgBurn, all of the processor usage suddenly goes to nod32krn.exe and have to kill nod32krn.exe to be able to let the installation continue. (The exact moments it occurs on is when the download finishes at 100% (using Mozilla Firefox; it just hangs) and when the copying of the files start during the installation process.)
  3. olger901

    bug report: ImgBurn cannot burn small ISO files

    This bug seems to be fixed in indeed, I had a similar bug occurring, while burning memtest 86+ v1.70, just tried burning it with and seems to have burned okay.

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