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  1. Does it show any error message(s)? Does it show at least "Boot from CD-ROM: No Emulation" when trying to boot with those CDs? Get IsoBuster, point it to the drive with the bootable CD and check if it says 'Bootable Disc' on the left, like this: Well I used isobuster and it said that they cds were bootable so I tried using a different machine and was able to boot to the cd. Could any differences between the machines such as age have caused the problem?
  2. After making two cds and trying them out they are both non-bootable cds, even after changing the BIOS settings so that the cd drive is the first boot device but other then that it works like a windows disk should. Anyone know where I might have gone wrong? Also could I take an image of a non bootable windows disk and make it bootable?
  3. OK, follow these steps: make a folder (e.g. C:\WINXP) and, using Windows Explorer, copy all the contents of your CD to that folder download and extract wxpboot.bin from this file: wxpboot.zip open ImgBurn, switch to Build mode and, in the 'Output' menu, choose 'Device' if you want to burn to media or 'Image File' if you want to save to an ISO image on your HD click the 'Browse for a folder' icon and add your C:\WINXP folder (you can also drag/drop it) in the 'Options' tab, change File System to ISO9660 + Joliet and enable Recurse Subdirectories, Include Hidden Files and Include System Files under 'Advanced' tab, 'Restrictions' tab, 'ISO9660' tab, and check the following:Level 1, Standard Character Set Allow Files Without Extensions enabled Don't Add ';1' Version Number To Files enabled [*]go to the 'Bootable Disc' tab, enable 'Make Image Bootable', select 'Emulation Type: None (Custom)', click the folder icon and select the wxpboot.bin file you've extracted earlier, and change the Sectors To Load field from 1 to 4 (this is very important!) [*]go back to the 'Information' tab, click the 'Calculate' button and, when ImgBurn asks if the folder is the root of your image, answer Yes [*]click the big Write/Build button, re-confirm that the folder is the root of your image, enter any label you want and confirm. Your guide is great and everything goes just as you said until I go to the calculate button and after it ask me if the folder is at the root of the image and I say Yes, its says "E 15:25:56 Directory depth exceeds ISO9660 limit of 8 levels!" because it says that it is 9 levels deep. Anything I can do about this? Thanks for the help on other ways to slipstream service packs, but I have already slipstreamed SP2 into the i386 folder.
  4. I want to make a bootable Windows XP Service Pack 2 CD from a non bootable Windows XP Service Pack 2 CD so if my system crashes i won't have to buy another XP disk.
  5. I've just starting using ImgBurn and was wondering how do you use it to create bootup CD's. I have a Windows XP service pack 2 cd and I wanted to make a backup one and I'm hoping that I could get some help on all that I need and what I need to do to do it using ImgBurn. Thanks for your time.
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