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    Disk copy mode

    I know I have option first use Read mode then second Write mode. But if have option copy disk in one click, it will be nice. The screenshot only for example of suggestion. And blutach the poll specially for you man I know its probably will be 1/15.
  2. No. Don't tell me as usual computers have 2 DVD-RW drivers? And laptops have 2 drivers?
  3. Ok so for example I have always will be blank media in drive what happens if need install game from DVD or copy files from DVD to computer I need eject tray, take blank media insert DVD I need to copy, finish copy files, eject tray and insert back blank media on standby Its not comftibale. and I have one DVD-RW drive
  4. As usual when I start burning I don't have media already in drive.
  5. As usual if blank media not in drive, the write button disable so I need eject drive insert blank media, wait 15-20 seconds for write button enable. Instead write button disable, Write button enable always If blank media not in drive, on click on write button its eject tray, after that I insert right blank media and close tray , its start write automatic.
  6. Thanks for reply Still same problem. Do you try fouling by my steps? and you don't have freeze problem?
  7. I making 2 ImgBurn saved project files in Build mode for burning files Its presets for burning CD data and DVD data In CD data project file I set File system to ISO9660+Joliet and set destination to CD-RW drive In DVD data project file I set File system to UDF and set destination to DVD-RW drive(second drive). I open saved DVD data project file its open correct, I closing Imgburn. Now I open saved CD data project file its freeze with message on bottom: Terminating Interface Thread... And I have option to close Imgburn only from windows Task manager Its Bug or I doing something wrong? because I try this on 2 computers.

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