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  1. 4sparta

    .vob to quicktime

    i was planning on transferring my movies to my network computer and stream it from itunes and thats the reason that i want to convert my .vob files to quicktime. thanks for the info
  2. 4sparta

    .vob to quicktime

    is there a program that i can take my homemade .vob files and convert them to quicktime movie? im looking for a freeware if at all possible
  3. 4sparta

    Confused about imgburn

  4. 4sparta

    Confused about imgburn

    So I am kind of confused of what imgburn is exactly. is it like dvd decripter? does it act like dvd decripter in the way that you can copy dvds to your computer's hard drive? or am i just completely off of what imgburn is all about?

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