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  1. I know this is an old thread but I'll like to give a more definitive explaination to this phenomenon based upon my personal experience. This is not a software issue. This is more of a media/burner/laser issue. If your leadins/leadouts did not get burnt perfectly, the drive wont be able to recoginize the media after re-insertion, hence the sense key code (Sense Code 02, extended code 23000). Your burner may be near MTBF? The laser head got dirtied somehow? The media is not that good? Maybe a combination of these? Whatever the case, most prolly the leadin phase did not take. The best you can do is a) start saving for a new burner if it's already long in the tooth, or, clean yr laser to 'tip-top' condition. If this still dont work, and subsequent media are also affected, junk the remainder of yr unburnt DVDRs - exchange them for a different batch/brand. For poor media, this usually happens with OEM'd versions for a particular MID. You know that most cheap OEMs are actually factory rejects, dont you? Every factory grade their yields on a batch-to-batch basis, using a 'number of defects per quantity' calculation. There are various forms of media defects and they affect the final grading of the media. I can write a whole article on this, but I'll just stop here. How to read these back? Most good/branded set top boxes usually have slightly higher laser intensity. They will read them like normal, else, you'll get the 'No Disc' display message. Same goes for DVD-ROM drives, better luck here, but most DVD burners wont grok it. I havent had any success with a CDRW/DVD combo altho I only tried on a few. Why do this only happen to one/some and not all yr batch of media? Your batch of media may be from a batch that is on the 'borderline' of an 'okay grade'. Meaning, there are going to be defects such as this, but the chance is v v low. Getting it is like striking the Lottery. Yippie!!! So, when the Regulars here said "crap media", pls take them seriously. And, does this happen only with ImgBurn? No. Nero Reloaded/Ultra also gets this. Particular burners? Nope. From Pioneer A10 & A11, NECs (8x), Samsungs (8-16x) & LiteOns (8x), they all get it, but the Pioneer got it least of all for one particular batch that I used. One brand new NEC (fr Dell) gave 4 out of 4 duds while the Pioneer did not encounter any after 20 burns - all played back ok with Philips & Pioneer set top boxes. Anyone with a more definitive explaination for this, I'd really like to know. I have abt 50 pcs of 'duds' lying around this year alone, and I have 2 half used spindles waiting to be returned/exchanged. HTH, XEQ.
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