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    Silly request on messages

    Thanx, found it (in! But your remark : did make me wonder: if I do not have this option in my version, how did I get this message? Or was it a default back then?
  2. OneEyedMan

    Silly request on messages

    It is a web application with which to create a standardized project introduction for building projeccts, with information on building and safety regulations. It also includes some small movies, and is automatically created in 5 languages. The result is then burnt to DVD with ImgBurn, so it can be presented on a local PC (not yet with a DVD player). So it is important that some of the default files (especially the movies) already reside on the local PC where the DVD image is created, and that these are (automatically) included in this image. The name is (surprisingly) Project Introduction Creator. Could you point me to the timeout setting? The only settings with seconds I could find where to do with auto dialogs (ISOBUILD_VolumeLabelAutoYesTimeout and ISOWRITE_InsertNextDiscAutoOKTimeout). Or is this not present in version, but only in the 2.4 + versions?
  3. OneEyedMan

    Silly request on messages

    Is it correct that this message only occurs with faulty C'D/DVD's? But the bottom line is this message is hardcoded, and not easy to change. The application is packed with UPX or something like that I believe, so it is not possible for me to 'hack' this message:-( Any thought if you might be persuaded to change this message? If not, I will report that they just have to live with it.
  4. OneEyedMan

    Silly request on messages

    I have a real silly request, but still I post it here under duress We use ImgBurn from an application with much success, it is a GUI which generates a IBB script, so the user will not forget important files when a DVD is created. However, once in a while, due to a corrupt image or disc, the following message pops up: "Keep your knickers on Harry what else can I say?!"
  5. Hi Lightning UK, First of, you have created a perfect burn prog! Especially the CLI mode is great! I have succeeded in using the prog for several disks now, and did not have a single failure. However, I wanted to use an IBB file as input, and sent the output directly to a device, using the CLI. I saved a default project, and then used the commandline to start ImgBurn: ImgBurn.exe /MODE ISOBUILD /BUILDMODE DEVICE /SRC "d:\Images\test.ibb" /DEST h: /ROOTFOLDER NO /NOIMAGEDETAILS This caused ImgBurn to start with a message "Terminating interface thread", and it had to be killed with the taskmanager. If I delete the line: BuildMode=2 or use BuildMode=1 the program runs just fine. Not an urgent bug (for me) just thought to report it Luck! OneEyedman

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