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  1. ...I've searched for hours and hours in Drive, Media, Firmware and other forums with no luck... I've tried restarting...I triple-checked the DMA...I have the 4.60 1021 ASPI(or should I have the 4.71.2?)...checked the hook-ups...tried to find updated firmware(waiting to flash to a BenQ DW1640 for a last resort)...device status says the burner is "working properly"... Hoping someone out there can tell me what's going on... I was just getting comfortable using IMGBURN...had burned almost 50 discs at speeds up to and including 16X with only two coasters...I was just at the point were I was getting confident enough to paste a few of my burns in a post with my thanks and a donation, and all of the sudden everything goes slo-mo...It doesn't matter if I select AUTO, or MAX...or 4X, 8X, or 16X...I can't break the 2X barrier... ...Now my best burn speed is 1.8X...with an average speed of about 1.4X, and a usual top speed of only 1.6X....I've used different media, and I went back to the exact same media that I'd gotten 16X burn speeds with, and nothing will burn faster than 1.8X Don't get me wrong...I'm not trying to blame this on ImgBurn...but since I'm using ImgBurn for my burning software, and ImgBurn alone, I thought maybe somebody out there might have had a similar experience and might know what to do... ...I don't know if this problem is caused by the burner, or the media, or the Dell PC itself, with the ImgBurn software, or other Dell firmware/software, or a bad combination thereof....I know my OEM burner isn't the best by any stretch, but the DVDs it has burned have been fine(in fact, excellent video & audio quality)...even at the new slow speed the discs play fine with no trouble at all...but it's at under 2X, and I don't really want to be finishing my current burning chores in the distant future from my death bed. This Dell PC was the best I could get quickly enough after Hurricane Rita ate my sweet old but-long-out-of-date custom Pentium MMX/ASUS PC that was made in Port.,OR.(was THE state-of for a year or so after I got it made - everybody I knew was jealous of that PC - many moons ago)...but I needed a new PC asap after Rita, so I had to settle for this Dell...but it was only $600US delivered to my door. I knew within a week after I got it that it was kind of a turd but I'm disabled and right now a replacement is cost prohibitive. The media I've been using is OK...Maxell with RITEK or CMC media codes(mostly RITEK), which puts Maxell on my not-to-do list...but it's all media that burned at 16X with mostly beautiful picture quality and only minor distortion at the end of the disc, and at 8X with beautiful picture quality thru'out. This "new" PC= Dell E510 MS WIN XP SP2 (w/ Media Center) Pentium 4 631 HT 3.0mghz cpu INTEL 945G Chipset Maxtor 250gig HD 1024mb DDR2 SDRAM TSST TS-H352C DVD-ROM (DE06) Philips DVD8701 DVD+-RW (5D24) I don't know if the two logs below will be of any help or not...one day I'm fine...the next day I'm not. I posted 4X speed attempt logs, but it's the same if I try 8X or Auto/Max... Here's one of the latest attempts to burn at 4X...with No Joy; I 22:56:14 ImgBurn Version started! I 22:56:14 Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2) I 22:56:14 Total Physical Memory: 1,038,412 KB - Available: 561,980 KB I 22:56:14 Initialising SPTI... I 22:56:14 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 22:56:14 Found 1 DVD-ROM and 1 DVD±RW! I 23:03:01 Operation Started! I 23:03:01 Source File: C:\THEPRO.ISO I 23:03:01 Source File Sectors: 2,043,645 (MODE1/2048) I 23:03:01 Source File Size: 4,185,384,960 bytes I 23:03:01 Source File Volume Identifier: THEPROFESSIONAL I 23:03:01 Source File Implementation Identifier: DVD Shrink I 23:03:01 Source File File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02) I 23:03:01 Destination Device: [0:1:0] PHILIPS DVD+-RW DVD8701 5D24 (E:) (ATA) I 23:03:01 Destination Media Type: DVD-R (Disc ID: RITEKF1) (Speeds: 2.4x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x) I 23:03:01 Destination Media Sectors: 2,298,496 I 23:03:01 Write Mode: DVD I 23:03:01 Write Type: DAO I 23:03:01 Write Speed: 4x I 23:03:01 Link Size: Auto I 23:03:01 Test Mode: No I 23:03:01 BURN-Proof: Enabled I 23:03:01 Filling Buffer... (40 MB) I 23:03:02 Writing LeadIn... I 23:03:14 Writing Image... (LBA: 0 - 2043644) I 23:35:46 Synchronising Cache... I 23:36:26 Image MD5: 27e723c17c336cb13dfdb385ed6f31e7 I 23:36:26 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:33:25 I 23:36:26 Average Write Rate: 2,094 KB/s (1.5x) - Maximum Write Rate: 2,362 KB/s (1.7x) I 23:36:26 Cycling Tray before Verify... W 23:36:34 Waiting for device to become ready... I 23:36:44 Device Ready! I 23:36:45 Operation Started! I 23:36:45 Source Device: [0:1:0] PHILIPS DVD+-RW DVD8701 5D24 (E:) (ATA) I 23:36:45 Source Media Type: DVD-R (Book Type: DVD-R) (Disc ID: RITEKF1) (Speeds: 2.4x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x) I 23:36:45 Image File: C:\THEPRO.ISO I 23:36:45 Image File Sectors: 2,043,645 (MODE1/2048) I 23:36:45 Image File Size: 4,185,384,960 bytes I 23:36:45 Image File Volume Identifier: THEPROFESSIONAL I 23:36:45 Image File Implementation Identifier: DVD Shrink I 23:36:45 Image File File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02) I 23:36:45 Verifying Sectors... (LBA: 0 - 2043644) I 00:04:50 Device MD5: 27e723c17c336cb13dfdb385ed6f31e7 I 00:04:50 Image MD5: 27e723c17c336cb13dfdb385ed6f31e7 I 00:04:50 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:28:05 I 00:04:50 Average Verify Rate: 2,425 KB/s (1.8x) - Maximum Verify Rate: 2,571 KB/s (1.9x) I 00:13:05 Close Request Acknowledged I 00:13:05 Closing Down... I 00:13:05 Shutting down SPTI... I 00:13:05 ImgBurn closed! ...and here we have the same media executing a 4X burn; 02:09:58 ImgBurn Version started! I 02:09:58 Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2) I 02:09:58 Total Physical Memory: 1,038,412 KB - Available: 521,712 KB I 02:09:58 Initialising SPTI... I 02:09:58 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices... I 02:09:58 Found 1 DVD-ROM and 1 DVD±RW! I 02:13:46 Operation Started! I 02:13:46 Source File: C:\AIR_AMERICA.ISO I 02:13:46 Source File Sectors: 2,285,849 (MODE1/2048) I 02:13:46 Source File Size: 4,681,418,752 bytes I 02:13:46 Source File Volume Identifier: AIR_AMERICA I 02:13:46 Source File Implementation Identifier: DVD Shrink I 02:13:46 Source File File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02) I 02:13:46 Destination Device: [0:1:0] PHILIPS DVD+-RW DVD8701 5D24 (E:) (ATA) I 02:13:46 Destination Media Type: DVD-R (Disc ID: RITEKF1) (Speeds: 2.4x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x) I 02:13:46 Destination Media Sectors: 2,298,496 I 02:13:46 Write Mode: DVD I 02:13:46 Write Type: DAO I 02:13:46 Write Speed: 4x I 02:13:46 Link Size: Auto I 02:13:46 Test Mode: No I 02:13:46 BURN-Proof: Enabled I 02:13:46 Filling Buffer... (40 MB) I 02:13:47 Writing LeadIn... I 02:14:00 Writing Image... (LBA: 0 - 2285848) I 02:29:00 Synchronising Cache... I 02:29:40 Image MD5: e84f756dbf6fd34f3c37732548031d80 I 02:29:40 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:15:54 I 02:29:40 Average Write Rate: 5,079 KB/s (3.7x) - Maximum Write Rate: 5,592 KB/s (4.0x) I 02:29:40 Cycling Tray before Verify... W 02:29:48 Waiting for device to become ready... I 02:29:58 Device Ready! I 02:29:59 Operation Started! I 02:29:59 Source Device: [0:1:0] PHILIPS DVD+-RW DVD8701 5D24 (E:) (ATA) I 02:29:59 Source Media Type: DVD-R (Book Type: DVD-R) (Disc ID: RITEKF1) (Speeds: 2.4x, 4x, 8x, 12x, 16x) I 02:29:59 Image File: C:\AIR_AMERICA.ISO I 02:29:59 Image File Sectors: 2,285,849 (MODE1/2048) I 02:29:59 Image File Size: 4,681,418,752 bytes I 02:29:59 Image File Volume Identifier: AIR_AMERICA I 02:29:59 Image File Implementation Identifier: DVD Shrink I 02:29:59 Image File File System(s): ISO9660, UDF (1.02) I 02:29:59 Verifying Sectors... (LBA: 0 - 2285848) I 02:35:03 Device MD5: e84f756dbf6fd34f3c37732548031d80 I 02:35:03 Image MD5: e84f756dbf6fd34f3c37732548031d80 I 02:35:03 Operation Successfully Completed! - Duration: 00:05:04 I 02:35:03 Average Verify Rate: 15,038 KB/s (10.9x) - Maximum Verify Rate: 22,387 KB/s (16.2x) I 09:57:09 Close Request Acknowledged I 09:57:09 Closing Down... I 09:57:09 Shutting down SPTI... I 09:57:09 ImgBurn closed!
  2. Think Floyd

    Sudden, Drastic Reduction in Burn Speed...

    ...and by the way...I didn't just jump on here looking for answers without trying everything I could think of, or find, first....I've been fighting with this for about two weeks or so now. Thanks again
  3. Think Floyd

    Sudden, Drastic Reduction in Burn Speed...

    OK... ...I'll have to wait for my brother to open it up again - I'm disabled and unsteady(the only reason I can type is that my deaf Pop was the most amazing speed-typist I've ever seen - way over 100 words a minute - and I learned a little from him...that, and a lot of back-spacing and correction) and I don't want to make things worse - I haven't stopped searching forums, and I'll keep trying everything I can find...I appreciate your expertise, and I apologize for any bother or inconvenience, but I had to try. Thanks
  4. Think Floyd

    Sudden, Drastic Reduction in Burn Speed...

    answer to ch-7...I tried it all two or three times....the DMA has been enabled the entire time...and the screen looks just like the example with it enabled... maybe this will help...I tried to think of a way to compare my DVD-ROM to my burner....I just finished ripping the exact same 5GB disc to my HD with my DVD-ROM and with my DVD+-RW and the DVD-ROM smoked the burner by 100%+....the ROM ripped it in 14 minutes and the burner took a little over 35 minutes to rip the exact same disc....and HD space isn't a problem...isn't a burner supposed to rip as good as or better than a DVD-ROM? I don't know...I'm grasping at straws... Thanks
  5. Think Floyd

    Sudden, Drastic Reduction in Burn Speed...

    ...oh yeah...while posting those two logs I forgot to say "Thank You"... I tried a lot of burning software, and a lot of it stunk...but I like ImgBurn, and I really want to keep using it...
  6. Think Floyd

    New, and TWO for TWO...

    ...so far I'm leaning towards a donation, but I'm still trying to figure out if this program is going to work for me...obviously I'm new...Laugh if you want, but I'm a writer, and far from any kind of a pro-PC-hacker/programmer-dude...but I do have an IQ high enough to be the Vice President of MENSA(but I'd never join that club-o-nerds), and I posess enough useful/useless information to be a five-time Jeopardy champion...I'm just not looking to become a PC wizard 'cuz life's too short and I have too many other things I'd rather do with my time, and so I'm having to learn what I need as I go along....anyway...I'm trying to backup my DVD collection and so I've been searching for the correct, as well as affordable, software for weeks...I'm disabled/poor, so programs like Imgburn are a big help to me, and I needed burning software becuz the Sonic that came with the rest of the crap that Dell bloated my PC with was useless (and from the sound of it I may be the only person in the world that doesn't have NERO) I have a year old Dell E510 with a Pentium 4 3.0Gig processor; MS XP Pro/Media Center 2006 - version 5.1 SP2 build 2600; 250gig HD; 1gig DDRII memory; a TSST(Toshiba/Samsung) DVD-ROM and a Philips DVD+-RW DVD8701 with the 5D24 firmware 'revision'....it's OK, I guess...but Dell was a real hassle dealing with when I needed a new PC after Hurricane Rita...you'd think a Texas company would've wanted to look good for helping Texans in a crisis, but fat chance. ...just thought I'd report my progress in case anyone was interested... So far I'm 2 for 2...I've attempted two burns and both turned out fine...no 'coasters'(yet)...I don't know if it's rated very highly, but this Philips DVD8701 burner seems to work pretty well with Imgburn...maybe I just got lucky. I spent two days trying to figure out what to do and how to do it...looked at guides...forums...everything I could find in the way of intstructions (that's something I will soon discuss in the proper forum)... The 1st movie I backed-up I wasn't able to notice much becuz I was just happy I had got that far finally... The 2nd movie went better...below are a few details as I have no log to post... The first burn I used a DVD+R blank, and the 2nd burn I used a DVD-R blank...both the MAXELL media... for both I used the DVDShrink to copy the movies to my HD in ISO files... ...then I went back later and burned them with Imgburn... for both burns I used what I hoped were decent DVD blanks...they are MAXELL, but the media ID shows RITEK(02 or 03, I don't remember the number after RITEK)... both burns were 'Full Disc'... the 2nd burn went fast...like I said, I don't have a log or anything like that to show, but I watched the burn speed during the burn... The movie is 108 minutes long and the special features are on a seperate disc...so the flick was only 4,500MB with NO compression...(had to ignore prompts/warnings that said the file was too big becuz other info said I had 4,700MB's of free space on the new blank disc) with the burn speed set on AUTOMATIC/MAX I watched as the speed of the burn skipped back and forth between 11X and 14+X...and the burn only took a few minutes... it took just about as long to verify each burn as it did to do the burn's themselves...which I'm guessing is good as long as the movie turns out good. The little prompt box told me both burns were successful when I was done... For both burns I only did the basic analysis....no deep analysis(but I will give it a try) and last, but certainly not least, I took the time to view both movies all the way thru and both looked fine...in fact the second burn - *a newer film - looked great...great color and sharpness, and not a single stutter, stall, or skip on either DVD....and I played them back on three different players, so they were recognized. With all of the 'making coasters' references I read while trying to figure this stuff out I purposely chose easy movies for my first try at burning (I had already burned music CDs with no trouble at all)... but now I have to figure out how to do this 'Re-Authoring' stuff becuz many of the DVDs I want to backup have lots of special features I don't care to copy with the movies....so now I have to try and figure out all of this subpicture-menu-audio-title-juggling... ...and I'd like to find out whether this 'enable I/O overlapping', and/or reading blocks 64K or 32K at a time will help at all on this Philips burner hardware. ...and it would really be great if I knew how to get DVDShrink to pull up Imgburn to do the burn after the ISO files are ready to go...so far nothing I've read anywhere has helped...but that's partly my fault as I'm trying to do all this as quickly as I can. I've got a lot of movies to backup...I've got a hundred pack of Taiyo Yuden blanks on the way to get me started... I REALLY APPRECIATE YOU GUYS LIKE 'LIGHTNING UK' FOR MAKING PROGRAMS/SOFTWARE LIKE THIS AVAILABLE FOR FREE(especially to really smart PC retards like me)...SO PLEASE DON'T THINK THAT I'M COMPLAINING...IF I DECIDE TO KEEP IMGBURN I WILL DEFINITELY DONATE TO THE CAUSE.(I'm not pickin' on anyone...I'm still not sure I'm keeping the DVDShrink either...I tried DVD Copier for a day or two and it was about as useless as a hog goin' ta Sundee skool/the trial SONIC DVD software that came with this Dell)... ...Just for making something like this available you're a right DIAMOND GEEZER in my book, Lightnin'...the Collie's Conkers! Slainte agus saol agat... T. Floyd *the first burn was of an older 1960's classic movie, and even the original DVD picture quality wasn't that great - Low-Def at best - so it was difficult to judge picture quality on that burn...by the way - it didn't have to be compressed either.

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