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    ImgBurn and HP Photosmart Software

    Thanks for your quick replys. Believe me, I was very reluctant to post this question here because I couldn't imagine ImgBurn having anything to do with this printing problem either. Originally, when I first encountered this issue using Windows XP, I didn't think of ImgBurn as a possible explanation at all. But then I did a fresh dual-boot install of Windows Vista and right after the setup of ImgBurn the problem appeared. Only then did I draw a connection between the printer drivers and ImgBurn. Then I uninstalled ImgBurn from the Windows XP environment which I use for productive work (unlike the Vista installation which is just for testing), reinstalled the printer drivers and no problems at all ever since. So I figured there had to be some relation between ImgBurn and the printer drivers. I am going to try to reproduce the behavior with a clean install of Windows XP and look somewhat deeper into which files get changed and which processes are being loaded. I'll get back to you if I find something noteworthy.
  2. Felix de luxe

    ImgBurn and HP Photosmart Software

    Hi everybody, First of all I have to say that ImgBurn simply is _the_ burning solution for me, no need to use Nero or similar bloatware anymore. However, I have encountered a strange problem. I own an HP Photosmart 2610 All-in-one printer. When I install ImgBurn after having installed the printer drivers the printer doesn't work anymore. It is still shown in Windows Print Manager, but it is always in offline mode and I can't switch it back online. So documents simply go into the printer's queue but never print. By the way, I have connected the printer via ethernet to its network interface, not via USB. The problem goes away after reinstalling the printer drivers. But this means that each time I update ImgBurn I have to reinstall the printer drivers afterwards which is quite a lengthy process. I have confirmed this issue using a fresh installtion of Windows Vista. I installed the printer drivers, did a few reboots, worked a bit with the system and everything went just fine. Then I installed ImgBurn, did nothing else but reboot Windows and immediately printing stopped working. So my question is: Has anybody else made such an experience? Is this a known issue? Or how can I help in coming up with a solution to this glitch? Best wishes Felix P.S.: Please forgive me for not being specific at all concerning the version of the printer drivers and the overall system spec because I am currently at work. If you find this interesting enough to dig into the issue, I'll be happy to provide all the necessary info. I'm using a basic run-of-the-mill Dell Dimension 9150 with Pentium D 820, SATA-RAID with Modes 0 and 1 on two discs, LG and ASUS DVD-Recorders, 1 GB of RAM, on board Ethernet NIC made by Intel (I think it's called ProSet 1000). But I really don't think that is a kind of hardware failure because everything else works just fine, no intermittent crashes or whatever.

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