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  1. thanks for your help, But I have other programs I can use on this PC, so after the last try; I will let it pass before I crash my system; I never had a drive problem that requied me to install another drive to fix; something in my PC does not like ImgBurn; and I don't want a clean install of windows once more.
  2. Updated BIOS, reinstalled NO JOY, and system recover did not fix I had to intall another DVD drive (AWQ170A-B2) in order to use drive 2. now back to the origional SHM 165H6S. don't think I will try again
  3. Yes oem board in a sony vaio bios latest I can find I think sonic is gone
  4. I don't blame ImgBurn I would like to use the program but can't right now. I installed Imgburn on my 2nd PC with no problems.
  5. I must build up my nerve to reinstall a program that made me do a system restore twice now.
  6. motherboard Board: ASUSTek Computer Inc. P4SD-VX Bus Clock: 200 megahertz BIOS: American Megatrends Inc. 1006 06/26/2003 I can use MSCONFIG and disable all if you wish.
  7. Master LiteOn LH-20A1P slave LiteOn SHM 165H6S normaly work fine. I think the position on the cable is correct master at the end. I don't think that can be the problem as ConverXtoDVD, Nero, CloneDVD2 all work fine as does Windows Media player, WinDVD... After install of ImgBurn and reboot one or both drives will not read DVD or CD when I system restore to a time before the install all returns to normal. I will set another restore point today and will try once more after waiting for a solution. jmicron thread ??? (I am a MOD on CDF)
  8. I lost my burner after ImgBurn install, it shows up in My Computer but will not read or write. This is the 2nd time. After a system recovery returned my drives to normal I set a restore point and tried to install once more this time my slave DVD+/-RW drive would not read on the DVD+/-RW Master would ???
  9. CCRomeo


    Hello all I am new here, but a MOD on CDFreaks
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