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  1. I have a lot of family movies that I copied from tape to DVD using a Sony deck type DVD burner. Worked great at the time and they work fine. My question is ... now that I have a PC with a dual layer capable DVD burner I would like to take all those 1 hour single layer discs and convert them to 2 hour dual layer discs. Can I do that with ImgBurn? I see instructions on how to create a dual layer disc but it seems that all the instructions presuppose that you are starting with a dual layer disc or copying a dual layer disc to another dual layer disc. But I'm not. I'm starting with two separate and distinct single layer discs/projects that, when I'm done, I want to be one dual layer disc/project. First problem I see is that both of my discs that I want to burn each have their own video_ts folder and, of course, in each of these folders is a chapter 1, 2 and so on. If I just copy them all into one video_ts folder then they get over written. How do I accomplish this? I can't be the first guy that ever wanted to combine two single layer discs into one dual layer one.
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