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  1. KeithB

    Mixed Media Disc message on 360

    How was the drive modded and what source files are you using for the discs? The more recent iXtreme firmwares actively work to block a disk booting that it thinks MS can detect. Are you sure the images have the right patches on them for that?
  2. KeithB

    recent failures writing under wine

    That would have been a yes and no - now a yes and yes. And it now picks up the drive nicely I do believe you've now removed the last reason I had to ever boot Windows
  3. KeithB

    recent failures writing under wine

    I've just installed WINE 0.9.43. It corrects the unicode issue nicely, but ImgBurn doesn't pick up the DVD drive - reports no devices detected I've only recently tried getting ImgBurn to run under WINE so don't know if this is another WINE bug or something with the setup I'm running yet.

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