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    Burning DVD-DL

    Greetings blutach, Actually, I went out yesterday and picked up a 10 pak of Verbatim +R DLs. I had also done some additional research on the web and located a 1.22 firmware upgrade for the Pioneer 110D by The Dangerous Brothers that was a hybrid mixture of the standard Pioneer 1.22 (no bitsetting) and Buffalo 8.20 (OEMed 110D with bitsetting) firmware (CROSS822.ZIP) Flashed the drive and all was good. No support for the 110D as far as ImgBurn and bitsetting, but maybe that will change upon his Lordship learning about the availability of this new firmware release. Indeed, the +R DLs worked like a charm, but as mentioned, there's no current way to set the Booktype from within ImgBurn. Is there some other method you're using? As for the better format, I'm still not convinced. From everything I've read, DVD-R is still the closest thing you can get to a pressed DVD, moreso than DVD+R, which is why I held out so long for the Pioneer 109/110 units. Even the oldest home DVD decks and PS2s that I've tossed -Rs into have never hiccuped once during playback. Unfortunately, the same can't be said for +Rs. Anyway, it's really been an eyeopener to discover (via this forum) that -R DLs don't function similarly to +R DLs in regards to the Layer Break. How Pioneer could overlook something that critical is beyond comprehension. Hopefully that little oversight will get remedied in the near future, along with newer firmware. Otherwise I'm not really sure what I'll end up doing with these -R DLs... Thanks for taking time to reply and perhaps his Lordship will even grace us with a comment about bitsetting support in a future version of ImgBurn. Best regards, eh?
  2. Babbit

    DVD player in my van will not read media

    I agree, T-Ys are great. Also, Verbatim -R 8x burned at 4x have worked in everything I've tossed them in - PS2, home deck, PC, etc. I've recently discovered that Sams Club carries spindles of 100 for a touch under $45, which make them under 45 cents each. Quite the bargin.
  3. Babbit

    Burning DVD-DL

    Kind sir, I'm not trying to be as thick as a brick here, but does your response imply that even if I manually set the layer break in Settings that it's not going to have any effect during the burn cycle? I had a Pioneer A09 and now have a next-gen Pioneer 110D using the latest 1.22 firmware. ImgBurn does indeed work with the drive and normal -R media, but my results to date with -R DLs have been ahem... a costly lesson in frustration. It's been rather a 'wallet-wrenching' experience having to ultimately toss multiple $5 Verbatim -R DLs in the recycling bin. (I stopped after 4...) I've used both DVDDexxxxer and ImgBurn with lackluster results due to the layer break issue and for the record, Nero hasn't worked with -R DLs either. Images have been tried that were ISOs created with ImgTool Classic and VIDEO_TS files that actually contained he LB information in the VIDEO_TS.xxx file (can't recall the exact file.) Layer 0 plays fine, but in every instance, switching to Layer 1, either while viewing a movie or trying to access extras that reside on L1, locks up both my computer and Pioneer 578A home deck. I did read through all the threads here before posting and am still a bit confused as to what direction to take going down the road. ImgBurn has 'book' settings for various drives, but the Pioneer isn't listed, so I'm assuming that even using a +R DL will produce disappointing results as the 110D can't be bit-set (true?) In your valued opinion, would it be a safe assumption to say that at the moment my Pioneer drive is only good for burning 8+ gigs of raw data backups from my hard drives on -R DL media until the standard changes to accomodate moving the layer break position? #39;( Thanks for your patience...
  4. Babbit

    Burning DVD-DL

    So does that 'conclusion' mean that ImgBurn will never support -R DLs or that we just need to calculate the layer break manually and enter it in the Tools | Settings | Write | Options window? Just curious...

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