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  1. I was being ironic, implying that it's downright bizarre of someone to suggest searching with google when (A) the possibility of someone finding, registering, and posting to this site, and having a computer and dvd burner, yet not being aware that they could search google, is zero; and -B-. the possibility that the author of ImgBurn doesn't have any more helpful suggestions than google, is also zero. And by bizarre, I don't r e a l l y mean bizarre. What I really mean is snide and time-wasting, but I would never say that publicly that in a post. (Oops! Did I say that, or just think it?!) - or, maybe there's some harsh gag order and it's illegal to even talk about talking about what I asked for, and the only permitted reply is "search google". I'm being serious -- the law can be pretty draconian in this respect.
  2. How do you burn a dual layer DVD onto single layer - i.e. two disks? Seems like a basic thing; I thought for sure it would be answered somewhere on the site. Sorry if I overlooked it!
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