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  1. Shamus, if you flash the 112d to Buffalo firmware, i read that it sometimes fixes the cd reading problems as well as allowing bitsetting. there was a thread about that on cdr forums. may try googling and flashing to that. it worked for my 112d, killing 2 birds with the one stone =) good luck
  2. my HP 1040 usb external didnt work so great. i ended up removing it from the external USB box, and installing internally in my desktop (yes, it kinda defeats the purpose but it also stopped alot of coasters). If your using it with a desktop, maybe you should buy a regular one and install it. Xbox dvd's are so touchy anyways, it would definitely be best to burn with it hooked internally if at all possible since it seems USB boxes for burners are kinda glitchy (i tried a lite-on and sony branded externals before buying the hp, none worked that great with the HP being the best...its not the drives so much as the enclosure and being connected via USB). also, i later crossflashed my burner to lite-on firmware after finding out which lite-on model it truly was from one of the cdr forums....and in my case, i now HIGHLY recommend doin so as the the lite-on disk utility to enable overspeed burning and media strategies works on it, and im showing MUCH etter burn quality when testing with cd-dvd speed. it almost never puts out coasters now and ive burned 32 functional xbox 360 games in the past 2 weeks using verbatim and memorex media (the verbatims are definitely less touchy to get em to work). with liteon, you can permanently set the booktype for DVD+R media types using the lite-on booktype tool. then you will not have to set it with imgburn as it will be already enabled in the drives flash rom. you may find it on the lite-on support site.
  3. I noticed when using Xbox Backup Creator that when burning using its built-in driver, it offers the option (which can be disabled) to perform a laser calibration. I do not notice this option in ImgBurn, even when using it through Xbox Backup Creator which will burn using ImgBurn. It seems from what i read elsewhere on this forum that the drive itself ALWAYS does this for each type of media you burn to...if this is the case, why is it a software option in the other program (supposed to help disc data readability), and does ImgBurn do this automatically? I do not see "calibrating laser" or some such in the burn log file. Hopefully you can clear this up for me.
  4. maybe i just cant read numbers lol. A picture speaks a thousand words. imgburn above, file im trying to add to iso highlighted in clip of folder at bottom. edit: so doing the math, yes it calculates back of course...but when just glancing at it i wouldnt have believed there was that much difference. time to recompress my files i guess.
  5. Thanks to you guys for the quick answers. @mmalves - most files i burn are hd rips (4+GB, requiring UDF) and at your comment i seem to remember that ISO+UDF doesnt allow larger than 2GB actually in nero when i tried it. So that answers one question and just puts it to "which version of UDF" which is answered thanks to the wikipedia links, i always forget to check things there when it should be one of the first places i go! I see there isnt much point in using above 1.02 in any case: Before you replied I burned a DL xbox game iso with IMG burn which had the .DVD image loader file and bitset it to DVDrom..The CDDVD Speed test comes out with a quality score of 64 / 277 pi errors / 8 pi failures,,,. even on the memorex when read by the LiteOn at 16x (a hard test to pass, as its not the best reader, BenQ gives much higher scores). So it does appear to be more the layer break setting (nero was obviously doing a really bad job) thats causing most of the errors. With ImgBurn, i guess the errors are solely the media since it has its Star Rating layer break calculations. However....even with ImgBurn i cant get a file which shows as 8,363,825 on the hard drive onto an 8.5GB image. Imgburn shows total file size when adding to image as 8,564,556 and says image type is BR -R or HD DVD -R ...i guess im missing something crucial here? Why the file size difference...grrr, i say, grrr! lol.
  6. I am having issues getting some HD .mkv files burnt to DL+R without terrible errors at layer break, firt using cheap Matrix (fake? RicohJpn) media which was horrible junk, now using Memorex 4x (Ritek D01) which is much better on my LiteOn 20AIH if i use 2.4x instead of 4x (my benQ does miserably with it though) And yes, i know Verbatim is best, but i got what i could afford at the moment. Sooo..I was previously using Nero but someone told me to try Imgburn for better dual layer results, so i am learning to use it. In any case, I was wondering if there is a particular file system most recommended to choose when burning a data file to a dual layer for maxium space results and / or maximum layer break efficiency? I had been using UDF 2.01 (in Nero), since it is compliant with XP file systems where the newer versions are not. However, i noticed in the guide here for burning a regular DVD ISO+UDF was chosen, and was also wondering why that was chosen in particular as DVDs were originally designed to use UDF? Should DVD Video ISO+UDF file system settings also be used for data dvds? Is there a file system which allows more data onto a +R DL, as i have some files which are just under 8.5GB but are said to not fit on the disk, and im guessing they wouldnt have been released at that size if they wouldnt fit on a DL of some sort...or do DL-R hold more data so imgburn will show it as fitting onto the disk? And one final unrelated question. Which is the most recommended driver for burning - VSO, Elby, Nero ASPI, or MS STPI? I have them all, i assume one must be better in testing? Sorry so many questions at once, hope they can all easily be answered =) PS - as someone else mentioned here in this forum section, it would be nice if aside from the burning guides there was a detailed "manual / guide" which gives information about all the advanced settings in ImgBurn as i can only guess to what half of them do =) I plan to try xbox and pc game backups soon and some of those settings are probably handy to know. Thank you - Kristi
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