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  1. ZorroB

    Support for Sony VGP-XL1B media changer?

    Hey LUK, Again many thanks for making the updates to ImgBurn for the sony XL1b (really enjoying this feature), now that you have the auto mount and write to the next disc working great, I was wondering if it would be possible that when I do "Write Files/Folders to disc" if a folder (with many files was chosen) if it could auto expand it over two disc (or three) for the selected changer/drive that I have targeted. this is would help me out soo much. Thanks ZorroB
  2. ZorroB

    Support for Sony VGP-XL1B media changer?

    Ok, it "was" a good wish-list, onto better things then. Well I can build the iso's place them into a directory and batch burn via CLI, but my question can (or will i be able to)pass onto imgburn via CLI which slot/changer it should use to burn the iso onto or can it have some sort'a auto find next burnable slot and use ? if I can get that then I'm pretty much able todo the rest.
  3. ZorroB

    Support for Sony VGP-XL1B media changer?

    Thanks, appreciate the update. Ok, that means I can ask for a couple feature(s) then . 1 - One of the things I'm looking for is to use the batch method and add a directory whos contents extend over two or three disc (4.7gb) and would like for imgburn have it properly split across the dvd's thats writeable in the jukebox (i'll like to provide it with a set of slots it should use to burn it to). 2 - incremental labels, so that i can specifiy the starting label and have it seed the rest with a volume no . 3 - a checkbox that if the burnt of the current dvd fail shd it try to copy onto another disc (and number of discs it shd be attempted on.) Thanks again for the update and even more thanks for imgburn, although the feature for xl1b won't be released in the next version I'm very curious and looking forward to seeing what enhancement/features are in the next release b'cos the current version of imgburn is certainly top shelf at what it does (luv your double cancel btn message).
  4. ZorroB

    Support for Sony VGP-XL1B media changer?

    Hi, Wondering if theres been any updates on this feature? thanks.
  5. ZorroB

    Support for Sony VGP-XL1B media changer?

    Tried verbatim this weekend, it worked much better.. still a couple failed but much better completed sucess then what I had with the ricoh batch. Does anybody know if DVD-DL +RW is supported in these units ? (so far doesn't look like it does, but just wondering).
  6. ZorroB

    Support for Sony VGP-XL1B media changer?

    yeah hopefully this is the issue, I didn't use verbatim.. I'm using Ricoh (was cheaper, now i know why I guess)... didn't realize how bad/unforgiving of a writer these jukebox drives were, but I will be grabbing some verbatim and do some further testing with it. Many thanks for your help and comments.
  7. ZorroB

    Support for Sony VGP-XL1B media changer?

    Wow, that looks like you almost completed it. when will this version be released, as I have one of these bad boys and would like to have it start rewarding me. I've tried using imgburn to burn some DVD+r DL, but I have had many failures, wondering if anybody had the same issue? I have upgraded to the b107 firmware, but still sometimes it won't complete the job. http://forum.rpc1.org/dl_firmware.php?download_id=2075 Thanks in advance for your help.
  8. ZorroB

    Support for Sony VGP-XL1B media changer?

    Ok LUK, it'll be me I will buy one, set it up one of my PC's with PC anywhere, and let you have at it. Supporting this device will be a HUGE accomplishment for imgburn, as it could elimiate the need for a $1000-$2000+ duplicator **UPDATE 8/2/07 - Ok, I bought the unit and should receive and set it up tommorrow, 8/3/07. Will report when myself and LUK have things in order*** Hi, First off Forgive my NOOB credits. been following the threads and finally decided to register and share my thoughts and comments. -LUK and others, many thanks for looking at making this happen. I was wanting to know if there's been any updates on imgburn working with this changer ? On another note I was wondering if you can have an [optional] event fired (and/or run an external command) in imgburn (once a job is done) with a status of either completed or failed -or- perhaps its already there and I'm not understanding how to get that status... I'm want-to batch burn some cd's using this changer but would like to know which cd's have failed and which completed in case I need to do something after or before the job. Thanks again, and sorry if this isn't the proper thread to ask these questions.

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