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  1. FYI: I was able to stop IB using the "Task Manager" and my system then proceeded to run normally. Thanks for the tips as to why this may have occurred. However, the 'burner' hardware works fine with another burning program. {redoak}
  2. Thanks for the reply. It is now six hours! When I try to cancel I am told it can't be done during an erase. I am using XP Pro OS, so I will try to shut down Image Burn using the Task Manager. What might have "locked up" this function? {redoak}
  3. I am still waiting for a full erase of a DVD+RW disk to finish. How much longer will it take? This seems to be an inordinate amount of time. {redoak}
  4. "Good Luck to you wanting to learn and try new stuff at your age." Thanks! I am learning and enjoying myself in the process. {redoak} p.s. Jill: I appreciate your reply.
  5. More of you should be as helpful and courteous as was "cheezy." I have gone to a number of Forums for assistance without ever running into folks like you, with the exception mentioned. Clarity of response is very important when giving advice or instructions. I happen to be 78 years old and have been working with a computer for five years, slowly gaining some sophistication. IMGBurn was recommended to me for a particular application. Therefore, it was important that I find a file among the thousand or more I have stored in my computer. {redoak}
  6. Do you mean, "what programme are you using?" If so, I still do not understand. Really no need to pursue this further, but I will check in tomorrow to see if you have posted again. {redoak}
  7. Thanks, "chewy". That did the trick. I do not understand the curt remarks made by the next poster. However, they are irrelevant at this point. {redoak}
  8. Those icons do NOT appear on my dialog screen. I downloaded/installed ImgBurn in the past ten days, so the program should be up-to-date. Should I re-download? {redoak}
  9. "c": Where are the icons? Sorry to be so stupid appearing, but they are not evident to me. {redoak}
  10. Why don't files that are not in folders appear when I 'browse'/find file. On Desktop, My Docs, etc. only a few folders appear, none of which contain the file I want to burn. {redoak}
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