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    Bug or design flaw? Selecting directories...

    O.O You are right. I could swear this doesn't worked before - I tried to drag it over all elements and I always got the "you-can't-do-this'-pointer. Strange ... but thanks for the help, it works now :-)
  2. Hi there! ImgBurn works like a charm here... (vista 64bit) But I have problems selecting directories in Build mode: I regularly archive directories from my download- or project-directory. I sort the dirs via date and select the oldest. I select as much as possible for a DVD. But I found no way to do this task with ImgBurn. - I cannot use the explorer and drag the directories to ImgBurn (this would be a nice feature!) - When I use the "Select file(s)"-button, I can only select files. When I try to select a bunch of directories, the first dir will open - When I use the "Select directories"-button, I have no way to sort the dirs via date and I cannot choose multiple dirs. Do I missing something? Thanks in advance. Greetings ... Swift42

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