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  1. The Memorex DLs I just bought are Ritek, and my NEC 3500A won't touch 'em. And I agree about the Verbatim DLs; I've never had a problem with them.
  2. DVDLab Pro indicated also that there was no suitable point to place a layer break. I was told to place a chapter break in the acceptable zone and turn that into a layer break, but I didn't want a layer break that users could access as a chapter point. Any suggestions as to how to ensure an acceptable layer break zone?
  3. The video I was burning is of an American football game I captured. I'm posting the pcgedit display here: I don't see a layer break indicated, but then perhaps I'm going about this all wrong... I used DVDLab Pro to create the DVD files (with four chapters, including the beginning), and DVD Shrink (without compression, of course) to produce the ISO file.
  4. I was under the impression that ImgBurn would automatically calculate the layer break for a dual-layer DVD+R DL. I did a test burn this evening, and while the burn was reported as good, pcgedit didn't show me a standard layer break. Am I missing something really obvious here? Thanks in advance!
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