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  1. I would just like to correct something. Although the RICOHJPN-D01-67 disc played the top layer absolutely fine the second layer was bad so I am sorry about the last post.


    It has definitely made up my mind to get the recommended Verbatim disc's now and try them out. I managed to flash both my drives successfully as well. Thank you all for information given.

  2. Thank you for information will try that later. I have downloaded the file mvalves gave me (thank you).

    I just followed all the guide information for building a file Lightning had in the guides and ripped my best film with DVDfab Decrypter (Gladiator) which is dual layer. I used free DVD and fixVTS and then Imgburn using a RICOHJPN-D01-67) (Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x) at speed 4. It burnt perfectly and then verified it the same. I played it on my Denon DVD Player which is very picky and it plays perfect so at least the Media seemed to work OK. I will try this on some of my other disc's and see if they are alright. The last film I burnt was from anISO file so perhaps it is better to make the film in the build set.

  3. TSST corp CD/DVDW SH - S182D


    FYI its a Samsung


    Hi I know it is a samsung but what do you actually do to flash your drive. Not like Spike Milligan when he tried to get cash from the hole in the wall cash machine (Joking) I have flashed my BIOS but never a DVD writer, is it similar, or do you just download and install like other programs.

  4. The only things I can guarantee (other than death and taxes) is that the sun will come up in the East tomorrow.


    What I can say, is it is highly superior to the media you are using and I've never had a bad burn with it.



    Thanks Blutach I have made up my mind the next DL disc's I buy will be Verbatim that you recommended. I have now printed some of the guides you pointed me towards, at least I can understand a bit more now. I haven't quite got the hang of making sure my DVD writer which is a TSST corp CD/DVDW SH - S182D is in the DVD ROM mode as suggested. I can't see anything in Booktype under Samsung that says DVD-ROM there are only

    Drive (For DVD+R Media)

    Drive (For DVD+RW Media)

    Drive (For DVD+R DL Media) I don't see anything with DVD-ROM at all. I know if I put a DVD+R DL disc into my drive that is what it says in the right hand column. Is there something else I need to be looking for please?

  5. A little bit of searching would have found the media we all recommend - Verbatim 2.4x MKM-001s.


    ALso, when you post a log, please post the full log of the burn, not just bits.




    Thank you for reply blutach, I didn't think it was necessary to take up all the post with the full log because even I could see that the rest of the log was fine that is why I only included the bit that was not verified.


    Also can you guarantee that if I buy the recommended media it will work. As I said I haven't had any of the other Ricoh disc's failing that I used in the ten I have bought so far, and nobody has answered the question about what do I have to tick before burning when all the files appear for writing a dual layer disc. I have never seen that happen before, not even when I burnt a three hour film to the same disc with with complete satisfaction and no files appearing or box to tick.


    Just found Lightnings guide on Dual Layer burning so hope that will help me. Thank you

  6. you dont say what media you use for Dual Layer use VerbatimDL only we see verify problems when cheap media is used and cant be read back properly .Cheap media = Memorex and RitekDL's to name 2. Post a log of the burn, they are automatically stored ,go to Help --->Imgburn logs


    Thank you for reply. I used for the first time DVD+R DL (Disc ID: RICOHJPN-D01-67) (Speeds: 4x, 6x, 8x) and didn't have a problem burning my own 3 hour DVD on Old steam trains. This is what the log said on my latest burn at the bottom after it completed the burn successfully. I still didn't understand what the files meant before burning though. Did I have to select each one and tick seamless or something because I didn't select anything just clicked OK after selecting the first in the line-up. Also I have never had a failure with single layer Ritek Traxdata Inkjet Printable discs.


    W 18:51:11 Failed to Read Sector 1130512 - Timeout on Logical Unit

    W 18:51:11 Sector 1130512 maps to File: VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_2.VOB

    W 18:51:20 Failed to Read Sector 1130513 - Timeout on Logical Unit

    W 18:51:20 Sector 1130513 maps to File: VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_2.VOB

    W 18:51:41 Failed to Read Sector 1130514 - Timeout on Logical Unit

    W 18:51:41 Sector 1130514 maps to File: VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_2.VOB

    W 18:51:50 Failed to Read Sector 1130515 - Timeout on Logical Unit

    W 18:51:50 Sector 1130515 maps to File: VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_2.VOB

    W 18:52:00 Failed to Read Sector 1130516 - Timeout on Logical Unit

    W 18:52:00 Sector 1130516 maps to File: VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_2.VOB

    E 18:52:08 Failed to Read Sector 1130517 - Timeout on Logical Unit

    E 18:52:08 Sector 1130517 maps to File: VIDEO_TS\VTS_01_2.VOB

    E 18:52:08 Failed to Verify Sectors!

    E 18:52:08 Operation Failed! - Duration: 00:06:58

    I 18:52:08 Average Verify Rate: 5,409 KB/s (3.9x) - Maximum Verify Rate: 9,081 KB/s (6.6x)

    I 18:52:15 Close Request Acknowledged

    I 18:52:15 Closing Down...

    I 18:52:15 Shutting down SPTI...

    I 18:52:15 ImgBurn closed!

  7. With Dual layer disc's is it necessary to verify after burn please. I just burnt a dual layer disc without any problem until it started to verify then I got the OH NO but I have tried it in my Denon Player and so far it seems to play OK. But just in case it doesn't play all the way through I made a new disc with just the main title which completed fine. I couldn't quite understand what I had to do when it popped up a lot of files and I had to click one to start the burn. I haven't seen that before. I would just like to say this is the first time I have used a dual layer disc.

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