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  1. Rockfang

    Adding a file to a disc

    Thanks for the tip. FYI, when I first saw that Western Decay graphic in your signature, I read the address as Western Daycare Metal. I thought it was an interesting combination.
  2. Rockfang

    Adding a file to a disc

    Thank you both for the help. Mmalves, my apologies. While I do see your wink now, I don't remember seeing the first line of your response. It might have been your avatar that distracted me. As a side note, is that in a FAQ/guide anywhere. If not, might I suggest that it gets added? Just a suggestion.
  3. Rockfang

    Adding a file to a disc

    While I do appreciate the suggestion, your post does not answer my question.
  4. Rockfang

    Adding a file to a disc

    Hi, I have a dual layer dvd with info on it, but it isn't full. Can I add a file to it with ImgBurn? Below is the info from the status box while in write mode: With the status as "incomplete", it appears like the disc is still writable. Any ideas?

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