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  1. moongose

    Adding multiple files/folders via CLI

    I'm glad thas this idea got support. But wouldn't be possible to add /APPEND switch (or something similar) so it will append the current selection to the opened imageburn window, insted opening another instance (that can happen without the switch). Just a thought.
  2. moongose

    Adding multiple files/folders via CLI

    It will be great if you can.
  3. moongose

    Adding multiple files/folders via CLI

    That's Ok, but I cannot do it. I need it to make a command for Total Commander, so all selected files folders will be automaticaly transferred to ImgBurn and burned. TC divides separate entries with space, or builds a text file with names which can be added as an argument to programs that support textfiles. Many other program support working this way. Thank you.
  4. Currently ImgBurn supports addian a file or a folder when started over the command line (via /SRC switch) Is it possible to add the feature for accepting multiple files and folder via this switch? Thank you

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