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    ImgBurn UI tweak

    One of the weird things about changing the rendering DPI of Windows is that the feature mostly just works and scales almost everything in proportion. Whether you have bad eyes, a tiny LCD with a high resolution, or an uncomfortable viewing distance. One thing it isn't scaling properly is ImgBurn which could really inconvenience some people. I worked around this by decompressing ImgBurn with UPX and adjusting some Item height properties with Reshacker, so mine looks cool as hell again, but this isn't something everyone can do. If you could adjust this a little, there are probably a lot of disadvantaged people you'd probably make happy. I don't know how script UI adjustments based on DPI settings, but I figured a UI issue like this would be easy for you and maybe you just weren't aware of it. Thanks for this great software. BTW (to any forum-goers at all), if anyone already knows how to write a script to do this in reshacker, I'd appreciate it. I'd like the copy of ImgBurn I keep on my thumb drive to work everywhere.
  2. .SUU

    Build Mode Queue Support

    Gotta support this request. I've been wishing ImgBurn's build mode had buttons to silently create temporary .IBB files and add them to either build or burn queues. The intermediary steps between here and there of having a build queue at all and being able add .IBBs to the burn queue would be great features by themselves.

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