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    XBOX360 HDDVD Drive Not Recognized by ImgBurn

    I think I created a new topic instead of replying to this thread. I've loaded the xp drivers for the drive. I can play movies fine through XP AnyDVD detects my drive and even lets me rip the HDDVD drive to the HD, and PowerDVD Ultra allows me to play my movies just fine. So I know it's working. Even ISO Buster detects my HDDVD Drive. The problem is ImgBurn does not detct the HDDVD Drive. I would rather use IMGburn but if I can't fix the problem I'll have to use something else. Any ideas. It's an XBOX360 HDDVD Drive hooked up directly to the PC. ImgBurn doesnt even detect my drive. Only my DVD +_ RW drive shows up not my HDDVD DRive The guy that said it's working with his HDDVD Drive is that an xbox 360 HDDVD Drive your using?
  2. VVaI2LoCk

    XBOX360 HDDVD Drive Not Recognized by ImgBurn

    In my computer I only see the HDDVD Drive listed as a CD Rom Drive not as an HDDVD drive. But AnyDvd recognizes it and so does PowerDVD.
  3. Hello, I'm using my XBOX 360 HD/DVD Drive and have it hooked up to my PC. The idea is to make an ISO image file of the HD/DVD Movie. Unfortunately IMGBURN does not recognize the HDDVD Drive? Is this a know issue? How do I get ImgBurn to recognize my 360 HDDVD Drive? I've got Cyberlink PowerDVD Ultra and I can play HD Movies perfectly. But when I launch ImgBurn it only shows my CD-Rom Drive not my HDDVD Drive. Any help?? Thanks!!!!

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