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    batch processing

    Thanks. Dude your awesome. I feel like a kid who has been givin candy and is wanting sugar on top of that.
  2. meatwhisl

    batch processing

    Great!. Mabye if it could search available drives for appropriate media and upon finding appropiate media begin burning. Maybe include a Required check selection for that option. That with the Queuing could do it maybe. Maybe you could set up the iso you'd like than select the drive you wanna use than save that as a project. Than have ImgBurn (terrific software by theway) run thru the projects Maybe. You by the way are an awesome guy. Alot of my friends owe you big time for your previous software.
  3. meatwhisl

    batch processing

  4. meatwhisl

    batch processing

    I love the software. I have two dvd burners on my pc and one external dvdburner also connected. I think it would be great if I could pop a blank in each drive, pre set the ISOs to burn on each drive than walk away. If this is already possible I'm sorry. if not it would be nice. Maybe some one knows how to do this with a .bat file. I however am just not smart enough to pull that off. Thanks.

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