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XBOX 360 Burning Problem. Can anyone help?

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Hmmm, Thats a pity! I really shouldve bought myself a usb drive like you said! That didnt even cross my mind until now! The pity is ive already ordered the exact same dvd drive which im about to fit in again! Ahh Ebay and the commit to buy! I just love it soo much that i really hate it!


LOL :D Thanx for the support though guys. It really did point me in the right direction. Im thinking it may have been the discs. Ive been told alot of people recently have had 8-9 coasters out of the Singapore 25 pack discs. Another person on 360mods.net managed to sort his problem by downgrading his imgburn too. Maybe its a coincidence, dvd drive or even the media. But i can clearly see what you have pointed out cyntia that its more likely to be my drive.


Well..... I guess i may aswell buy myself an external drive and sell that crap drive i paid for! Its never gave me no problems before. Ive burned over 40 games with it. But I will not surrender my disks any longer!!


Thanks Again Guys


ImgBurn & The Support Team Rocks!

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