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German translation uses!

German Missy

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Before i start!!!


I USE THE SEARCH!!(before i open the next account(on side Nr.1000 ;-) lol..just a joke)BEFORE I START A NEW THREAT!


I don´t found something helpful for this Theme GERMAN, - Translation!


To read over ->errors , new fixed file,


nothing what can help! only fighting with other users what cry "why you deled my posting)grin* i remember me! :blink:


But nothing helpful >_<


So i thing build a new (next) account anywhere


and tell the builders and helping hand my problem! :teehee:




So pls look here if someone have a idea or the next time to fix it


i come very happy to read one day is fixed! :lol:




Hello @ all what can read my real bad English


and can help us with our bad translated English file!


Before i updatet on the latest version i think all was ok, )


but not ever comes this error message


and i don´t now how he wan´t tell me with that?


how i can fix it self??!^^(some description for me or other things?)


Or is something bad with my pc? all other things run fine....(not 1.000.000 burning programs on one pc!^^)


With friendly greetings :teehee:


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