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Copy scans better than pressed disk


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I finally got one of my favorite albums on CD. Though it came out in '85, it didn't make CD until 2002 (I've still got my cassette from 21 yrs ago).


It was the Steven Morse Band's Stand Up. If you're a southern rock fan, you may remember Morse as the lead guitarist for a band called The Dixie Dregs.


I made my obligatory back up copy (there was no copy protection and, anyway, it's black letter law, in the US, that consumers can make copies of CDs, tapes, LPs; I don't know about the UK; the US law is called "The American Home Record Act" of 1990--not sure of the date).


Then I scanned the back up copy and the original. This strikes me as odd. I realize these are all "correctable" errors (tho' I don't pretend to understand how they are corrected by set-top or portable CD players).


check it out:


original, pressed disk: Pressed Disk - "Stand Up" Steve Morse Band (1985)




Here's my back up copy: TY CDR; burned at 16x



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Your blank media is obviously better quality then the original media !! :lol:



works for dvd's also



I guess I was being naive julli-angel3.gif expecting industry to produce better originals than we produce copies!!!!


And I have noted that about DVDs. I scanned the original and the copy (of a disk that was without CSS therefore making copying not a problem and the topic acceptable because no "rippage" or "circumvention" was involved) and the copy came up with a better scan.


Pressing may not be better, it may only be more practical for mass production.

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