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I/O Errors @ 90% Burn Complete? PleaseHelpME

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Using Windows 7 64-bit

DVD Burner is "TSST TS653N" Model 20X

99% of the Media I use is "Verbatim DVD-R 16X" Disc's.

Using IMGBURN or Ashampoo


25% of my burning fails with the same IO ERROR of some SEEK error, Usually the Burn is nearly 90% complete too.


Most of the burns are a season of a TV Show which are 20+ AVI files which is how I wish to burn them.


Can someone help me burn Fast and Error-Free Discs?



ATTACHMENT=Latest Error Message


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Notice the link in my post above.


I used your method to view the logs but it appears to only keep the last day or last 5 or so burn logs?? :huh:


My errors were many more burns, farther back than that text file is showing.


Is their a way FORCE the IMGBURN to save all logs no matter how big or long ago?

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