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Just stumbled upon ImgBurn - when in urgent search for an application for a 64-bit Windows 7 machine, which came without a burner. Installation was quick, but I immediately ran into the puzzle of "where is COPY?" Almost instantly, I found the response to the question, and that was a relief.


So far so good, certainly getting my money's worth...:)


A couple of dumb newbie questions:


1. In making DVD copies, step 2 (file to disc), faced with ISO vs. Image, I chose the latter (hey, what do I know?), and after 10 minutes of "writing lead-in," I tried to cancel the process, but another 10 minutes went by, with nothing but "I heard you the first time" responses when insisting on cancellation. For all I know, I am stuck forever.


2. After the image was copied to file (step 1), I couldn't find a way to return to the main menu or go to File-to-Disc.


Suggestions, in mild language, would be appreciated. Actually, the nature of language is not all that important. Cheers, Janos

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