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Is there any sensible way To "oil" a sticky optical drive tray ?


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My trusty Asus DRW-1608P2S DVD writer has been developing "stuck tray" syndrome over the last few months, and although it still reads & burns fine I'm getting fed up with reaching for the trusty "special tool" (a paper clip) to unjam it.


The most irritating effect of this is those occasions I leave a burn running with "Shutdown at end of burn" checked, and go to bed, and wake up hours later to find the machine still humming away with ImgBurn waiting for the drive tray to cycle before the Verify phase.


Has anyone ever tried "lubricating" the mechanism in any way that is sane and that works ? If so, what did you use ?


It almost feels like some stupid piece of plastic has warped, or expanded, and might need [gulp] sanding down - or maybe the mechanism just needs cleaning. Interestingly (to me), the Asus DVD-E616P2 DVD-ROM drive in the same machine, which is 2 years older, has no such problem (touch plastic).


I realise it's probably time to buy a new drive :(

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