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Enhancement to edit existing CUE files


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Having spent some time over Christmas making various compilation audio CDs as presents, I got a bit tired of having to remake any given CUE sheet pretty much from scratch every time I decided to modify the compilation.


I found that while there's no way to get ImgBurn to open a previously-created CUE file for modification, you *can* drag'n'drop an old CUE file onto the 'Create CUE File' window, in which case ImgBurn will parse the CUE file to obtain the individual track source files, and add them to the new CUE sheet - but it will ignore additional content such as the associated pre-gap times and CD-TEXT field values.


I'd like to suggest an enhancement to the 'Create CUE File' feature, such that ImgBurn can *edit* CUE sheets that it created in an earlier session, carrying forward all relevant content.


I've checked the relevant guides ("How to write an Audio CD from music files", and "How to write an image file to a disc") but they don't discuss this need.


Sorry if I'm being blind and failing to see it already implemented :)

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