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alternate the border of Calculating Space window

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I want to suggest to a) set the border of the window that is shown as 0 ( none )

(in delphi it is called "none")

and to add a own drawn/created button for canceling the calculation process.

That makes the appearing and hiding much faster.

If I add 4 video files and further 4 in subfolders the window appears, agitates and hides so quick that I cannot read what warning or error message it says. did it :D ?

(of course it did not , all works OK, but I cannot see/read it)


Test it. The borderless window is quicker.

I suppose this is a bug of the borland compiler. In Delphi are windows with borders slower than witout borders. Of it is a bug of windows itself, because it takes too much time to register a window and TitleBar.




B) The other way is to make a further checkbox in options to suppress the "popping" window.

(mhh, well I know, some users could be afraid of if they are calculating some 1000 files and the program seems to "freeze" without information. So better take way a).


I hope you can follow my explanation (in weak English, sorry).


Would be glad if you there could be found a solution.



that window so far


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