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Can I use IMGburn to add a certificate to my own movie on Blu Ray?

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wondering if you can help. Apologies in advance for being a bit long winded... :geek:


We've made a movie ourselves, which will have a fairly limited production run (2,000ish discs) It's all in 1080p so we're putting it onto Blu Ray, but we'll be the only sellers, it won't be going into regular retail shops.

I've mastered the disc with Sony DVD Architect Pro 5.2 which creates an ISO image first, then lets you burn the disc.

The discs it produces have a BMDV and a CERTIFICATE folder on, but the CERTIFICATE folder is empty if I explore it in Windows. Not sure if that's normal? I can play the master disc just fine on my PC and in my LG BD660 player.


We've come to get our 2,000 discs made from our master and come across these guys who can replicate with a glass master rather than duplicate by burning, but they say we need a AACS certificate. They've got a quick page of info on the subject:


which says stuff like:

The Blu-ray organisation has stipulated that this licence is a required part of all Blu-ray productions and at this stage there are no alternatives when producing Blu-ray productions.


Charges will be levied by the AACS authority during the application stage (currently approximately $1500) and the licence document involves a written contract


Now' date=' I wanted to go for Replication as it gives a nicer finished product, but if that means having to wait aaaages and pay looooads to get hold of some copy protection key that was cracked years ago, I would much rather go with a duplication service and burned discs for our project :)


However, they say this about burned/duplicated discs:

AACS Keys cannot be introduced during a Blu-ray duplication process as yet, so the discs will not function correctly in a set-top BD Player. Copy protection using AACS for Blu-ray Replication is not available for BDR discs, they are currently only advisable as an archive store


Now, is this old info? If I produce a burned blue ray movie disc without a AACS certificate, does that mean there are a lot of players it won't work on? Will it play in a PS3 for example?


And, if I can make the disc loads more compatible by having a certificate on it and the certificate system has been cracked, can I use IMGburn to combine a 'universal' certificate with my DVD Architect disc ISO and make a master with inbuilt certificate that I can just get duplicated/burned and get the best of both worlds?


Thanks in advance,

James :)

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