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1. Life of media 2. Storage 3. What's your long-term data strategy?

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Sort of inspired by the thread about the shelf life of burned discs (and being a bit more backup conscious after a recent hard-disk incident, and hearing about someone else's), I'm wondering about the best way to store CDs and DVDs that I have burned.


We hear that they are suppose to be stored vertically, but when new, they usually come in a "cake box" stored horizontally. Or do you only really have to start worrying after they are burned?



Hence or otherwise (as they used to say in exam questions), what are your feelings about hard disc storage versus CD or DVD storage? Clearly, CDs and DVDs have storage limitations, but for small amounts of critical data they may well be big enough, but are they reliable enough? (I realise that M-Discs may be the answer in future, but they don't exactly seem to have caught on yet, and maybe they won't live up to the hype.



I know a lot of people depend on multiple external hard discs, and clearly, where a large space is concerned, it seems to be the only answer, but even if the shelf life of a CD or DVD is not infinite, is a disc continuously spinning round going to be any less vulnerable than a CD or DVD tucked away safely in a dust-free environment at the right temperature, etc, etc?


To cut a long question short: what are you doing about the data you care about?

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