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Command line switch to "update now

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Is there any way that a command-line switch could be added to make ImgBurn check for updates immediately?


I have ImgBurn installed on some shared workstations where most users are not Administrators.  I have any kind of scheduled updates turned off for ImgBurn and other programs (e.g. Abobe Flash) because if the users get an update prompt they cannot install the update.


Meanwhile, I have a Powershell script which runs the updaters for various installed programs.  Just before creating a new system image I run this on the master systems which are turned into the images which are applied to those shared workstations.  It would be useful to be able to tell ImgBurn to update "right now".  As it happens those master systems (actually VMs) aren't running all the time so it would not help to check for updates "Daily" and then turn the update check off just before making the image.


Right now my script just runs ImgBurn and I click "Check for ImgBurn Update" manually.  This isn't all that bad but having a command-line switch would make things a bit easier.  Obviously this isn't a big deal for most people but it would be useful to me, so I figured I would suggest it.


Thanks for creating a very useful program!

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