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Read IO Error. Cancel Button to use Do you really want to Cancel?

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When ImgBurn reads a disc to create an ISO, for instance, and ImgBurn senses a read IO error, it displays a message box with a red X followed by "I/O Error! "

Included in the box is some Device, ScsiStatus, CDB and Sense Area information.


The button choices in this box are "Cancel", "Try Again" and "Continue". 

The choices are reasonably self-explanatory, but. I could not find any help for these buttons, so


If you want to try reading the disc again you click "Try Again" and this also adds 1 to the Retires count.

If you want to ignore the error and presumably write the data as found, including any error bytes, you click "Continue", This adds 1 to the Read Errors count.

If you want to Cancel reading the CD altogether you click "Cancel".


Ok so far, but IF while you are reading the CD, you are ALSO working in ANOTHER Window, it is all too easy for ImgBurn to grab the focus and register a mouse click intended for another app as "Cancel". In the case of a disc I was working thru, ImgBurn would read the disc eventually, but very very slowly and the "Cancel" was registered after many "Try Again" clicks: about four hours the first run and seven hours on the second run - very annoying,.as it was also quite near the end of the disc the second time.


So I am going to suggest that this "Cancel" button should have the same stop check as if you has hit the Read STOP button or attempted to close the ImgBurn window.

Then we would have an "are you sure message" with Yes, No and Pause options. Hitting No would then return the focus to the previous Message Box.


What also be nice would be the option to include a dynamic logical retry count somewhere in IO Error retry box, for those difficult to read problem discs with some areas of the disc better than others. Has anyone any thoughts on this? If well received, I can raise another New Suggestion.



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