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CMD and registry

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Hey, can I have a big batch file and in this batch file ou can save the varible values to a .bat file. i.e set FTP=On>>mybatchsettings.bat and then the main batch file can call the settings and edit if if he or she wants. i.e FTP=%FTP%>>mybatchsettings.bat mean while the varible FTP is set to On or Off. Now this is great but the user can edit the settings batch file and set the value to e.g set FTP=dog and the program wont work and will exit, now thats my problem... Is it possible for cmd to save the values of the settings to a .reg file and delete it and edit it and call it ect. Then the user cant edit its with ease and the program will work. Any one have any idea :)


P.S I dont want cmd to pop up with a message box saying e.g "this file will make changes to your computer... do you want to continue?"

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