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One Window. Two Panes.

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Hi ImgBurn Dev(s),


I have a feature request. I was never particularly fond of the two windows that come up after starting the program. Could you perhaps provide the option to have one window, and two contiguous panes instead. This is one of the only programs I've seen besides GIMP that sloppily open multiple completely separate windows when you start the program. But for some unknown reason [in my psyche, of course] I have found space to forgive GIMP, partly because of the programs artistic nature and purpose.


Otherwise, in design, it would help tremendously if you join these two windows together somehow, under possibly a ribbon-based interface (see here for an example), if you cannot come up with a different more unique design. The current icons in ImgBurn are fine, and relevant (however, are the only real design elements). The program itself is VERY powerful. But it's lack-luster design is really bringing the app down into the "just-an-acceptable-tool" category.


ImgBurn has great potential, and I hope it soon harnesses it with a unique, simple, efficient, beautiful, user-friendly interface.


I hope you don't take offense to my suggestions, as bashing your program. I'm only giving my unbiased opinion as constructive criticism, and I really hope it helps this program turn into the technological feat it was always meant to be.


Your Customer & Friend,


-James A.

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