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When to write setting to registry

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I've just upgraded my PC from 


i5-750 (4 cores) 8GB  P55A-UD3  Highpoint  640L Samsung 840 Pro 




Xeon 1231 v3 (4 real/4HT) 16GB Mpower SP Z87  Samsung 840 Pro


When I shutdown my new PC without first exiting ImgBurn, setting changes were not saved


I discovered ImgBurn is not writing the setting to the registry on change of setting (Clicking on the OK)  rather on program exit - this is problematic as PC get faster. On my new PC, I'm not seeing a "logging off" screen and "shutting down " screen is on for ~2 Secs, so I'm guess WM_ENDSESSION is wrapped up before the registry write request arrives?



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