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Nice program, but...

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Excellent program. I am making a PayPal donation. ImgBurn would be a lot more excellent if it didn't install with OpenCandy and the PayPal donation would also be somewhat larger.


OpenCandy says that it makes a "reasonable effort to remove all of itself" (paraphrased) after install, and, what a surprise!, it didn't. My Anti-Malware program found three things remaining after install and reboot ( I deleted the quarantined items and don't remember just what they were, but all three were OpenCandy PUPs). Anti-Malware removed them, but how do I know that more of this stuff is not hiding on my system?


Anyway, I know you need the cash, and deserve to be well compensated for this wonderful stuff. But please, find another way. I really have a tough time dealing with downloads that, unless I pay close attention, hide in the background and hijack parts of my system. Even if they aren't really malware--How do I know? I knew that OpenCandy was bundled and almost passed up ImgBurn as a result.

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