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Create Disc from existing Nero NRG images

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I have a lot of nero image files (.NRG). I need to be able to burn them without the

dredded " Multisession / Multitrack images not supported, must be single session / single track image "


So far Nero is the only software that I know of that properly supports multi session / track burns.


it would be a great option.

currently I have to extract all of the files in a NRG image and recreate a new disc with the extracted files,

and I have lost some of the data also the recreated disc(s) was damaged.


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You could probably mount the NRG files using Daemon Tools, and then using ImgBurn to create a CUE+BIN file in order to save the multi-session data. You would also be able to mount the bin files using daemon tools at a later time if you needed to mount them virtually. Pretty much the only tools that completely works with NRGs is Nero - most other (non-propriety) tools work with ISOs (single track data) and CUE+BIN (raw/multi-track/audio cd) files. 

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