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Imgburn installation file

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I bought a laptop early Feb. 2015 used from a party I didn't know, met him in a forum. I have no reason to mistrust that guy. He knew I wanted to be able to copy CDs so he installed Imgburn version a day after I paid him and I received the laptop a few days later. I don't know where he got the file, I assume he downloaded it from some website, maybe Imgburn's.


I've been running Imgburn on the laptop quite a lot, have no reason to suspect a problem. However, I have been doing some maintenance on the machine the last few days, ran SuperAntispyware, CCleaner, Malwarebytes. I think the first of those decided that the Imgburn installation EXE wasn't trustworthy, had a trojan in it or something and quarantined it with my permission. What should I make of this? Should I remove the installation and download another install file and install from that, presumably from Imgburn's website?

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