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Extreme long running writing task

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Hello! :)

I sometimes have an issue with burning iso's to a physical DVD. It starts the task normal and at around ~50% (+/-10%) of writing, suddenly the speed drops to an extreme low rate (0.0x) and only once in a longer period it writes a few bytes and then gets stuck again for minutes. It keeps this slow speed for a few hours and suddenly returns to the normal speed and finishes the job succesfully. The funny point is, the DVD seems to be fine after it - no problems. This issue does not happen everytime, but once every few discs.

Today i had this issue again, but after 10 hours of writing I canceled the job. I've added the log file from the application. The message "W 17:31:06 Failed to Write Sectors 1084832 - 1084863 - Reason: Write Error" appeared after I hit the cancel button. The disk itself is still empty.

Any idea's about it?



My Device:

Windows 10.0.18363
Memory: 16GB RAM
BR-Writer: Samsung SE-506
ImgBurn V2.5.8.0


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