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between dvd decrypter and nero VS img burn


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I downloaded the DVD Dec on the advice of a friend last night to make copies of my own personal dvds...



i was able to copy to my hard drive the dvd i chose > havent bought Nero yet so not sure if i can burn it yet



I read about the new version Imgburn and when i downloaded Imgburn i could not get past the 48% mark on 2 dvds ?? kept saying could not read bad sector ....

W 17:28:46 Failed to read Sector 2039936 - Unrecovered Read Error

E 17:29:27 Failed to read Sector 2039937 - Unrecovered Read Error

E 17:29:27 Failed to decrypt VTS_01_4.VOB!




when i used the DVD Dec i did not have an an issue getting past the 49% mark and that has happend 3 movies so far


i am a newb and wonder if it is something i am doing or ??




**Late addition i just purchased a product called the dazzle dvd recorder to transfer my VHS tapes directly to dvd with out copying to harddrive ... i am wondering if i ran a dvd player thru a vhs player to this device would i get the same thing ?

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ImgBurn doesn't attempt to defeat any form of copy protection - if that's what you need to achieve you'll have to search for help elsewhere.


DVD Decrypter was able to defeat some forms of copy protection, but its development has been discontinued, and there are now new copy protection techniques that it can't handle. If you need to make copies of your own DVD movie discs, and they are copy protected, you won't be able to use ImgBurn to do it - and this forum can't help you.


Imgburn ... kept saying coulndt read bad sectori am a newb and wonder if it is something i am doing or ??

It's probably not anything you're doing wrong - probably just some copy protection that prevents ImgBurn from working.


If your discs are not copy protected then ImgBurn will make backups for you very nicely - and in that case "bad sector" errors may mean you have a damaged disc.

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so image burn wont help me copy dvds i get a hold of ?

Not if they are copy protected (e.g. bought from a shop). If they are unprotected then no problem - non-commercial DVD movie discs (e.g. not-for-profit movies, your own holiday movies, the movie you made at college on your "media degree course") will be unprotected, and can be copied by ImgBurn.

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update the

dvd dazzle was a nice concept


play your vhs tapes thru its input and you can either burn direct to dvd or save to hard drive


problem was the longer the tape played the greater the sound fell behind the video


so after about an hour there was a 5 min sound delay .....


i contacted the manufacturer and tried updateing drivers

turning of all programs > yes ALLL programs but theirs>


in the end i returned it to the store for a refund and emailed back their customer service about what it was doing



in a nut shell is was a waste of time and money < did get a full refund for the item but not for all the dvds blanks i ruined

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