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Please help- Average Burn time 45 minutes??

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thank you for all your help its workign awesome! i jsut didn't understand. sorry....


Windows 2000 and XP (Vista?) has an undocumented "feature". That feature being if a drive has trouble reading, it will automatically switch from DMA (fast) to PIO (slow). The problem is that it doesn't switch back, which means your drives will run like a sick dog. Slow and lethargic. Compounding the problem is the fact that Windows will report that everything is working A-OK and that DMA is enabled when it isn't. If your HD/DVD is reading or writing very slowly, the best option is to go into DEVICE MANAGER and uninstall the IDE controllers. This forces Windows to re-install them after re-booting and sets them as DMA instead of PIO, allowing your drives to run at full speed.

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