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Userprogram's Page on ImgBurn

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it shold give a Userpage or addional's Page who get addons of users who

had writing or creations extra programs for you and ImgBurn.


A idea too it was if it is give a plugin api who can imgburn using plugins.

Like "imgburn.exe /plin bootcd /boot A: (otherkeys) /src C:\burncd\

CD-filesystems or others , Boot-CD iso Creator who can burning direcktly on CD

and let the iso on a Folder to have save copy.


and i think, what' need too, it is a little deamon(exe) who set imgburn variables

who the programm were's the imgburn.exe and folder, check the status of CD/DVDRam

(if it's a blank CD/Rewritebel) like the incd, but not *g* as standart the udf-Format (uahh*g*)

chek it out if shold formating or be silence ant the user can with rightklick on the Systray

format/blank the CD with more options , fast blank, full blank, iso format's or udf-format

how the users controling it ... in the deamon can set a $Pathkey

(last start without running but set/add variables)

or be in the Systray and get som funtions, and dont useCPU or Ram,

shold onlybe a starter if it's the user enabled.


A CD-Ramlist with CD/DVDRam-variables to enabling technical to make enhanced

(maby some produser Factory's too) as normal ascii/textfile but named like ram.info

who can adding the Technical some informations and can help to make more

compatibility and work with tricks or some.. so can you become feedbackt about hardware too.


Adding a inifile who can adding some key's if be a produser of CD/DVD's and have ATA,

SATA and USB Burnerstation, als more as one Burner on one computer to tell it on this

inifile who can generating be at the first configuration of imgburn.

There for can be Plugins to make a enhanced Configurationsfile and can manage them...

and can be like a little moskito with full blood sucking .. eehh plugins :thumbup:


best regards


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