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  1. Hey Guys,


    Thanks for all your help. I've taken care of the problem. It seems that the culprit was the memory stick, just like last time. A week ago I purchased a 1GB memory stick from Kingston. I installed the new 1GB stick and uninstalled the Ultra 512MB stick and all my problems went away. No more shutdowns while DVDS runs.


    Taking Cynthia's advice from the DVDS forum, I ran memtest-86. It ran for over 50 hours. I had no idea that a test could run that long .... LOL. I shut it down and just got rid of the Ultra stick. I couldn't wait any longer.


    I emailed Ultra and they're sending me a replacement memory stick. That's two out of two Ultra 512MB sticks gone bad within a year.


    Well, thanks for all the help you guys. Have a good one :)



  2. LUK or any1 else who can help. Quite sometime ago I posted a question in regards to my PC shutting down by itself while running DVD Shrink. LUK, you asked me to send you a minidump file with which you were able to tell me which device was causing the problem. It turned out that I had a bad stick of RAM. I'm having those same issues again. Can someone help? Thanks!

  3. Hey Guys,


    I'm trying to make a DVD disc with only Dolby Digital and THX trailers on it. I've been able to amass a nice collection from surfing around on the internet. The thing is that the majority of the files are VOBs. Some are WMVs. I wasn't sure about the WMVs but I thought that DVDS would easily open up the folder where all the VOBs were. Apparently not.


    How can I burn these VOB and WMV trailers onto a disc?


    Thanks in advance.

  4. Hey l8night,


    I assume that you use DVD Rebuilder quite a bit. So far, 200+ burns I've always used just DVDD and DVDS. These two progs make a beautiful pair. Not one coaster yet (knock on wood). I researched a little bit on DVD Rebuilder. Afterdawn claims that DVD Rebuilder delivers the best re-encoding available. It also mentioned that it takes a few HOURS to re-encode. Is that true? I mean, my God, that's a big difference compared to DVDS. Is the better quality really worth the few hour wait time?



  5. Dear LUK and the old gang,


    Welcome back !!! I can't express how cool it is to have you guys back. Since you left it hasn't been the same. I found myself wandering the other forums like a lost child. Looking for what I used to have. I'm so glad that ImgBurn is up and running. It feels like I've found home .... lol.


    Q: Before installing ImgBurn, should I uninstall DVDD?

    Q: Can I keep both, DVDD & ImgBurn? The only reason I'm even comtemplating on keeping both is cuz DVDS can automatically call up DVDD to finish the job. I'll keep ImgBurn (if it can co-exist with DVDD) just in case I run into a film that DVDD can't handle.


    Thanks in advance.


    Once again, :worthy: :worthy: :worthy: LUK, welcome back, dude.


    P.S. ImgBurn was announced just today October 4th, a day after my birthday. It feels like I just received another present. Great timing .... lol .....

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