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  1. Thank you mmalves,

    I have updated the firmware.

    I tried the disc again. There was an improvement.

    This time it stuck at 88% :(


    I have managed to format the disc on another 'puter using ImgBurn.


    Therefore I think it was perhaps not the firmware but time to replace the burner.

  2. Right,

    I have D/L and unzipped and now have a file described as an XFLASH file.

    What do I do? Put it on a CD and run it?

    This must be elementary stuff to you gurus but its strange and a bit scary to me.

    I've been searching for a howto guide but failed to find one.

  3. As I write this, ImgBurn is attempting to fully erase a disk.

    It reached 77% and just keeps trying..........

    It happened once before with a Sony disk. So I took back the pack of 5 and swapped them for TDK's.

    I cant stop it. I can't exit the program. (Message: Erasing Disk. Sorry, you cannot cancel this operation.)

    After three and a half hours all thats left is to end program with Task Manager.

    What could be wrong?


    Heres the log.


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