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    Most people that visit this place do so in order to get an answer to a question - when they've got it they vanish.


    I'm not going to put my foot down for people that are here one day and gone the next.


    If the regular posters (i.e. me and the beta team) start complaining, that's when I'll put a stop to it.


    It's not like the images are hardcore porn, it's only what they'd see at any beach on holiday.


    Thanks Lightning for such wonderful comment. Being an one day visitor of this forum, I cannot expect everyone to change, that is my mistake. It is just a small suggestion. Thanks. and thanks for locoeng for changing something.


    i think if Lightning was upset about it he would have said something long ago,plus i think that there are a LOT more things on the internet that could harm The Children then some avatar that is about 1in x 1in.

    The PC police have found us!

    you could do what dontasciime has said or if its your kids your worried about stand over their shoulder while they are on the computer or send them outside to play.


    I think lightning could even do something. Even that 1 " thing could harm. Lets try to do some small thing and prevent people especially children. Thanks.


    You could always disable avatars in your board settings.


    Or close your eyes like I do.


    thats ok, but what about a young visitor just visiting the forum, he gets seduced. I think Lightning could warn such people in general. I means just change the avatar and pictures. OR he could ban such people from posting or having account. that is the real discipline I think. >_<


    I found some people using adult images for their avatar and pictures. Mr.Lightning can you please make an rule to stop these people from displaying such images. Because it is not only me, who ever looking through the forum may affected by this. Thanks. I have even seen big torrent sites has never even have showed single adult images. Thanks. such as Demonoid.com.

  1. This is the one we are all looking for, transcoding, from avi to dvd and many more. Nero does that in high quality, it will be good if imgburn can use open source things to make it really a better quality thing. thanks.

  2. Does it play in the PC via media player?


    On my god, my cds are not wasted, it says blank cd. Thanks God. Thanks lightning. And I have a question. Should I check full path name and queue thing when burning, does it affect the cd?. I dont know why it is blank, it burned and ejected the cds, but I really don't know why it never burned. Thanks. I saw it says a pregap before starting reading the disc, but softwares like burrrn, does not allow pre gap. Is it in imgburn? also, when running cd in car player, sometime suddenly skips a part, made with sonic, does imgburn also have that problem?

  3. If you save the CUE file outside of the folder with the songs in it the program should automatically include full pathnames to the files. If you move it manually that'll obviously cause a problem where it can't find them full stop.


    If the full path name includes unicode characters you'll run into the problem where it won't be able to open the files.


    If you have no intention of using the CUE file in other programs you can tell ImgBurn to always save in unicode format via the settings window.


    Hai, when i tried to run that audio cds in my home cd cd player, it says, bad disc. What may be the problem? . I just created a simple cue and then burned it, i never included path names. I made a cue from songs then saved to desktop then burnt it. Please tell me what the real problem is. Thanks.

  4. ; //****************************************\\

    ; ImgBurn Version - Log

    ; Monday, 17 March 2008, 19:01:33

    ; \\****************************************//



    I 19:01:27 ImgBurn Version started!

    I 19:01:27 Microsoft Windows XP Media Center Edition (5.1, Build 2600 : Service Pack 2)

    I 19:01:27 Total Physical Memory: 2,095,492 KB - Available: 1,458,776 KB

    W 19:01:27 Drive D:\ (FAT32) does not support single files > 4 GB in size.

    I 19:01:27 Initialising SPTI...

    I 19:01:27 Searching for SCSI / ATAPI devices...

    I 19:01:27 Found 1 DVD-ROM and 1 DVD

  5. Get an original audio cd read to bin. Then burn that to the same cdr @16x or less if that does not play try another brand of cdr . If it still does not work give up or change cd player

    I already used same brand cd to make audio cd using SONIC digital media, which worked fine in my car player. But changing a software caused all this trouble. I used 2.4 X speed to burn. Thanks.

  6. could you post a log? what kind of cds are you using? what files types are you trying to burn(mp3, ogg, flac etc..)? did your burner read the cd as an audio cd?


    I am using hp cd-r cds. I am trying to burn mp3 files. I created cue file first then i opened the file using imgburn and burnt and wasted cds.

  7. I made a cue sheet from audio files and burnt it to a cd-r. Then i tried to play it in toyota camry 2000 model car. It did not play, automatically the player ejects the cd. I tried a lot software, finally i ended using imgburn, but it also fails me, i wasted two cds. Please tell me what is the problem and what is the solution. Thanks. :blush:

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