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  1. It doesn't matter what disc format you use (DVD, HD DVD, BD), UDF is the only (common) file system for optical discs that supports single files >= 4GB in size.


    You don't want to convert HD content to DVD Video, you'll lose all the benefits.


    So basically, yeah you're left with buying a little media player. I've heard of the popcorn ones but never really seen them. I have seen/tried the Western Digital TV one though and I think they're pretty cool. Get yourself one of those and a little external hdd or big usb memory stick (16 / 32GB) and you're all set.


    I guess my other option is to split the large files into multiple smaller files >4.7 GB and burn multiple DVDs. Since DL DVD's are so much more cost wise then regular DVD's this may not be a bad idea on my part.


    I've heard the WD are good but since I already have a wifi network setup the Popcorn would be great and besides it's built on a Linux OS (at least that my understanding). I already have a 320GB external HDD and a 1TB external HDD which is around half full now.


    Thanks for your help and responses though. We'll probably laugh at threads like this 10 years from now at the fact that we were discussing physical media and different ways to do things with it.

  2. The only way to do that is to burn the mkv file as-is in build mode with the file system configured to 'UDF'.


    You won't be able to play it on anything other than a pc (or other media device that supports mkv files).


    Huh so what file system supports burning DL dvds with files over 4.7 GB? The whole reason I started messing with burning this stuff to disc is because of a new HDTV I got. It looks like my best bet to get my media from PC to TV without huge loss of quality may just be the Popcorn Hour device.

  3. It's quite simple, don't use Super!


    VOB files should be less than 1GB in size.


    But not only do you need VOB files, you also need IFO and BUP files - which I guess Super doesn't make.


    So why not do the conversion in a program that does it all properly in the first place? - i.e. DVD Flick or ConvertXtoDVD.


    Well Super was fine until I got these larger files. I tried using a program that creates IFO/BUP files from a VOB. It created them but I couldn't burn them. I used ConvertXtoDVD last night but I still have a file which is currently a 7.9 GB MKV of a nature program I would like to burn to a DL disk without ruining the quality of it.

  4. Is the file an image file? or is it like a big document / video file you want to burn?


    If it's an image file, you should be burning it in Write mode.


    If it's a document / video, you need to change the 'File System' to something that DOESN'T include ISO9660.


    The file size limit within the file system is 4GB. It simply cannot handle files bigger than that.


    How are you using ISO9660+UDF here? link I'm trying to burn a DVD folder (IFO/BUP/VOB) to a DL DVD. I created the IFO/BUP from a VOB file which came from a MKV file. I created the VOB with Super. When I try to calculate the size in ImgBurn it gives me the ISO9660 limit message. I'm ready to start pulling my hair out cause none of the guides show this problem.

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